Who Is He?

Derek Martin is a Singer/Songwriter from the west coast of Scotland.  A family man who decided to revive his love for playing music which is now resulting in some seriously good tunes  being produced.   He has written songs that encapsulate the memories and emotions of life, fusing the words with his music to create some inspiring and anthemic tunes.  He tells an inspiring story, if you dream, you can work out how to make it come true


With a passion for truthful story telling and feelgood sing along anthems, he set out to record an album during 2018, an ambitious project to say the least, but for someone who only just picked up his guitar a few months previous, he has not only completed his album, but has also secured a string of support gigs, had some high profile radio play, it's safe to say his hard work and is starting to pay off.   His debut single "Calm Before The Storm" was released in August.  Click on the button below to see what we had to say.


Derek plans to release more tracks from his debut album "Dreamin Out Loud" in the run up to it's official release.  We've had a listen and can confirm that his dream of creating anthems has come true.  The album is a blend of uptempo harmony driven introspective songs like "Superglue" and "Dreaming Out Loud", out and out guitar strewn drum crashing anthems like "Life In The Minor Key", and some epic balladry on "Nightingale".  There is something for everyone on this album and has the makings of a great live show and a promising future. 

Calm Before The Storm

Watch the lyric video for Derek's debut release "Calm Before The Storm"

Life In The Minor Key

Derek's latest single "Life In The Minor Key" was released on 21st September accompanied by this fantastic video.

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