With the release of their brand new single, we caught up with Dunfermline band Ivory Caves for a chinwag about the band, their music and some other cool stuff.

Ivory Caves are Scott Anstruther (Bass), Cameron Jow (Drums), Scott Gilbert (Guitar & Vocals), Jack Hartmann (Guitar).   This is what they told us....



 You recently rebranded as Ivory Caves. What was the reasoning behind that?  


(Jack) It was a way to incorporate all of our contributions to the band. ‘The Scott Gilbert Band’ was a name for us to get on our feet, as Scott was already a reasonably well known musician locally. 


Have you changed your sound or your writing process from being "The Scott Gilbert Band"?

 (Scott A) - With the recent addition of new guitarist Jack our sound has slightly changed due to his playing style and new ideas he’s brought to the band. The writing process is still very much a good load of collaboration through band practices and other meet ups we’ve started to demo more ideas mainly through Scott and myself with the other two member able to adapt develop and very much improve ideas that usually sit as bad phone recordings for too long.

You are set to release "Fall From Grace" this week, your first as Ivory Caves, what’s the song about? 

(Scott G) - I find it's much better to allow the listener their own interpretation of what it means to them so I try not to give too much away when it comes to that.

Have you showcased this new song live? What has the reaction been to it?

(Scott A) - The reaction from fans is probably the main reason this was chosen to be released as a single, this was a favourite even when Scott was solo.

Do you work to reproduce your live sound in the studio, or the studio recording in the live sound?

(Scott G) - A bit of both, we know the sound we're looking for when we take it to the studio from playing live and in practice however there are always improvements made during the production process that we then take into our live performances.

Speaking of live performances, do you have any live dates coming up before the end of the year? 

Yes, we play PJ Molloys in Dunfermline on 16th November along with Fossway who'll be joining us from Newcastle, and also Katie & Lora and Conall Adam

So what does 2019 hold for Ivory Caves?

As well as building on our local following we'll be looking to perform further afield with some dates for next year already confirmed. Writing and releasing music is our immediate goal, we've got some new material that we will be playing live on the 16th with the intent of releasing early next year


Thanks to Ivory Caves for having a chat with us, have a listen to the awesome new single on Soundcloud below.

IVORY CAVES - "Fall From Grace"

Fall From Grace starts of with a slow guitar intro and brooding verses and harmony laden chorus.  The guitar breaks wrap themselves around the drums to such a level they should come with scenery.  Building up to a stomping finish, this fan favourite is one to look out for on the upcoming live gigs.