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We will feature new releases from up and coming bands.  From singles to EPs and LPs.  We also feature gig reviews and the odd premier and exclusive plays



Every now and again we sit down with band members and ask them all the crucial questions about their music



One of our new features is location interviews that we record with local bands.  We have a chat about where we are, what's happening with their music and all the upcoming releases and events

Live Action


As we are out and about we will be filming gigs and events.  We will also get the bands on camera for a chat and much more.....  stay tuned



An occasional series where we feature a band or artist in full, with dedicated bio, review, interview, videos and links.



Every month we make up a Spotidy playlist which includes all the latest releases from our favourite up and coming bands

Our Intro


Who Are We?

Well, at the moment it's really just me.   Mark J Smith.  You can look me up.  Follow, add, email, chat.  I just love music.  


What is HNH?

I really just wanted to show people the wealth of talent on their own doorstep.  The name HeardNotHerd  basically means that we want to showcase music that needs to be heard and not to just accept what's on offer by just following the mainstream crowd.  

If you love music there are bands and artists releasing music and playing live in your towns.  So I'll share music, videos, events.  

Shortly we'll be inviting you in for a podcast interviews both in collaboration with Dunfermline Music Collective and in our own HNH Podcasts starting very soon.



BANDS -  get in touch, send me your new or unreleased tracks, your EPK and we'll give it a listen, give it a review and sign you up for a future podcast interview.  

PEOPLE - Get behind a band, artist, event or project that you love, help them grow buy buying the songs, the tickets, the merch and sharing their stuff on your social media  If you have a gig or event coming up let us know and we'll share it out.